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Sports Betting Strategies – Fixed bet and Proportional Bet

Sports betting is not supposed to be terribly difficult, but players have the tendency of greatly complicating matters.

They focus exclusively on trying to find those games that are worth wagering on, while completely disregarding bankroll management. The misconception that there is such a thing as a sure bet is one of the reasons for why bankrolls are lost so quickly by beginners.

Inspiration can only help you that much, but in the absence of a coherent strategy even the luckiest players will eventually go broke. If you hope to make a successful run in this line of work, then you should understand importance of bankroll management and mastering the fixed bet and proportional bets is the first step.

How to use the fixed bet

Those who are new to online gambling are probably hoping to embrace a straightforward system that is sustainable on the long run. Fixed bets have the advantage of requiring very little user involvement as players stick to the same stakes regardless of the match they wager on.

It is recommended to bet an amount ranging from 1 to 5%, which can vary greatly depending on the size of your bankroll.

The advantage of using the fixed bet on the long run is that you don’t commit a significant percentage of your bankroll and you can easily whether downswings. The risks are minimal, but the problem is that you need to frequently change the ratio, depending on how your bankroll changes.

If you are successful early on, you can afford to bet more, otherwise you need to scale down and wager a smaller amount.

How to use the proportional bet

This strategy has many similarities to the fixed bet tactic, as players also wager an amount ranging from one to 5%. There is an indissoluble link between the size of the bankroll and each state, but the difference consists in the fact that virtually each wager is different.

The advantages that your wagering stays flexible and you always bet the same percentage, even though bets are bigger or smaller depending on bankroll.

The shortcoming of the proportional bet as compared to the other strategy is that you must make the calculations on a daily basis. You can’t afford to readjust your ratio each month or even less often, because you need to only wager up to 5% of your current portfolio.

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